NW24 Annual Conference 2018

posted 25 Apr 2018, 05:25 by Miranda Frost

NW24 Annual Conference 2018 focused this year on Improving outcomes for vulnerable learners (including: PP, EAL and SEND children) within NW24 member schools. Our audience included Heads, Deputies, Governors, SBMs and SENCo’s and secured a phenomenal turnout across the partnership.

During the day, delegates explored “whole school approaches” with KeyNote speaker Marc Rowland, Head of Research at Rosendale School and how creating a culture of high expectation and aspiration, positively impacts outcomes for all and works to deliver equality of opportunity. Delegates also learnt about “high-impact” deployment of TA’s with Robert Webster of MITA, plus LA city-wide plans to deliver “equal opportunity”, so providing a local context to the topic, with Sue Rogers, Service Director for Skills and Education.

Now we need to identify opportunities for NW24 member schools to collaborate together, to remove identified barriers to equality of opportunity for our vulnerable learners and to explore how NW24 schools can be involved effectively with city-wide plans, and commit to making these opportunities happen.

 Thank you to all who attended and made the day so valuable. And now to the challenge that lies ahead…....