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NW24 Annual Conference 2019

posted 15 Jul 2019, 05:37 by Miranda Frost

Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Pupil Premium leads, SEND co-ordinators and Governors from across the membership attended the 2019 NW24 Annual Conference, which took place on Wednesday, May 1st, at the sunny and bright Bristol Pavilion.This year's theme, “Addressing the disadvantage gap” followed our successful bid for funding from the Local Authority in October 2018, to initiate a project to investigate and reduce the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers. Working with Inclusion Expert, the NW24 Gap Project commenced in January 2019. With significant investigations within 4 pilot schools completed, we were ready to share the opening results and opportunities with our membership. Keynote speaker and Gap Project consultant, Daniel Sobel (founder of and lead consultant for Inclusion Expert), opened the conference and our own Gap Project Leaders presented findings from their audits and details of the reviews thus far. Our Gap Project Leaders then lead group workshops to explore their key themes as well as share, discuss and debate identified strengths and opportunities within their schools. Key messages emanating from our conference were; focus on a small sample - don’t try and fix it all for everyone, work with your best and most enthusiastic staff and let them generate the energy; disadvantaged children including pupil premium benefit from your investment in upskilling your workforce, then personalise the solutions and match the success criteria to the objective. Daniel Sobel endorsed the power of the NW24 network, and inspired our school leaders and governors to challenge unnecessary bureaucracy and believe in their own expertise. 

NW24 INSET Day 2019

posted 19 Feb 2019, 06:42 by Miranda Frost

Our 4th Inset Day took place on Monday 7th January this year and was hosted yet again with true finesse, by Bristol Free School. On this day we welcomed over 550 delegates from 21 member schools, who were attending 33 CPD workshops, spanning; safeguarding, SEMH, curriculum and leadership topics.

NW24 wishes to thank the BFS team yet again, for their unstinting support, both before and during the event, with special thanks to Sarah, Jacob, Laura, and Ann - you were all amazing! Thank you.

Special thanks also go to the wonderful teaching staff from within our schools, who ran creative and inspiring workshops, sharing their wisdom, knowledge and passion. Thank you all for participating and contributing to everyone's learning.

We always welcome feedback, no matter when; so if you are inspired by anyone this year, or want to discover more about a particular topic and you would like us to consider these for next years Inset Day, then please share your thoughts and ideas with me via email. miranda.frost@nw24.org

Congratulations to Horfield Primary

posted 4 Sep 2018, 03:37 by Miranda Frost

Congratulations to Horfield Primary in hosting the Bristol Children's Literature Festival 

Well, what a fantastic day it turned out to be! After lots of planning, the big day arrived on Saturday 14th July.  The school was sparkling both inside and out, classes were ready for our numerous guest authors, the ticket booth ready for "on the day" visitors and the sun was shining! Among the many authors running workshops were Amy Wilson, Andy Seed, John Hegley, Kjartan Poskitt, SF Said, Mini Grey and Chris d'Lacey.  As well as the author workshops, we had inspirational art and craft workshops running throughout the day and two singing workshops for KS1 and KS2. 

SF Said: Thank you and everyone involved with the festival so much for organising a fantastic day!  I really enjoyed it - it was great to see so much enthusiasm for reading and books, and to meet some really brilliant young readers.

Kjartan Poskitt: It really was a great day, and it’s amazing to think it’s the first such event you people have hosted. I’ve been looking forward to my Bristol trip since Steve and Jenny first got in touch months ago, and it was every bit as much fun as I’d expected. You had absolutely nailed everything and the whole event was a total buzz.

Mini Grey: Thanks for looking after me so well at the festival on Saturday...It was a lovely crowd!...congratulations to all involved for creating a fantastically successful festival!

NW24 Annual Conference 2018

posted 25 Apr 2018, 05:25 by Miranda Frost

NW24 Annual Conference 2018 focused this year on Improving outcomes for vulnerable learners (including: PP, EAL and SEND children) within NW24 member schools. Our audience included Heads, Deputies, Governors, SBMs and SENCo’s and secured a phenomenal turnout across the partnership.

During the day, delegates explored “whole school approaches” with KeyNote speaker Marc Rowland, Head of Research at Rosendale School and how creating a culture of high expectation and aspiration, positively impacts outcomes for all and works to deliver equality of opportunity. Delegates also learnt about “high-impact” deployment of TA’s with Robert Webster of MITA, plus LA city-wide plans to deliver “equal opportunity”, so providing a local context to the topic, with Sue Rogers, Service Director for Skills and Education.

Now we need to identify opportunities for NW24 member schools to collaborate together, to remove identified barriers to equality of opportunity for our vulnerable learners and to explore how NW24 schools can be involved effectively with city-wide plans, and commit to making these opportunities happen.

 Thank you to all who attended and made the day so valuable. And now to the challenge that lies ahead…....


Pupil Events - our activities so far....

posted 14 Mar 2018, 03:15 by Miranda Frost

The Big Bake-Off:

On Thursday 1st February, Christ Church hosted a fantastic baking competition – the inaugural NW24 Big Bake in which 11 schools participated.

The teams gradually arrived for the morning session, carrying their special and top secret ingredients. It was clear from the faces that the bakers were nervous, but raring to go.

The recipe was revealed; a simple biscuit recipe. Concentration, teamwork and smiles were required. The teams got to work mixing their ingredients, rolling out their dough and cutting the shapes (using their special cutters). We had our expert baker and judge on hand – Amy from Anna Couture – to guide the novices. The teams had ‘Help’ cards available to ask for adult help. Teams were super lucky to have Amy as that adult support.

Whilst the biscuits were in the oven, teams decorated their biscuit boxes and branded their biscuits. The finished article was set to cool, placed on display and awaiting the taste buds of our guest judge. All teams worked exceptionally well, but there could be only one winner in each session.

Winning Schools

Morning Session               St John’s

Afternoon Session            Elmlea Junior School

The event was a wonderful success. Thanks to the adults who helped practise with their children and who brought the teams to Christ Church. A big thank you goes to Amy from Anna Couture for her expertise. And above all, well done to our star bakers – they were all wonderfully behaved and competed with smiles on their faces.

Bakers' Report

On Thursday morning we (Beth and Alex) went to a fantastic baking competition. First we went into the activity hall to wait for the other schools from NW24 to arrive. When they had all arrived, we went into the practical room to get ready to bake. We got to pick two special ingredients to include in our biscuits; we chose peppermint extract and choc-chips! We faced three problems whilst we were baking: 1) When we were rolling out the dough it went all sticky. 2) We struggled to separate the egg yolk from the egg white. 3) We forgot to sift the flour. 

But we managed eventually to make 17 super scrummy biscuits. After we finished and had done the washing up, we took the biscuits to the kitchen to be cooked. Then we went back to the activity hall to design our biscuit boxes. A lady from a bakery came to judge our biscuits. After we finished our boxes and put our biscuits in them, we took it in turns to come up and present our biscuits and flavour combinations to the other schools and the judges. We let her taste them and then waited to hear who won. Sadly, we weren’t the winners but it didn’t matter because it was still really fun! Finally, we said goodbye to the other schools and made sure that they took their biscuits back with them. 

The Spring Term Spelling Bee

A big thank you to all 8 schools who participated in this event....and to Clare Galliers and Elmlea Juniors for designing and initiating this competition.

Results are now in for each Year Group, and the top 3 places go to.....

Year 5 and Year 6 Winners:

1st Place =  Stoke Bishop Primary - word 37

2nd Place = Henleaze Juniors - word 34

3rd Place = St Peter and St Paul - word 32

Year 3 and Year 4 Winners:

1st Place = Elmlea Juniors - word 33

2nd Place = Henleaze Juniors - word 27

3rd Place = St. Bonaventure's - word 26

Congratulations go to all those who took part and a big thanks to all who took time out with their pupils to run this event..it was all a close-run competition..!!!!

NW24 Annual Conference 2018

posted 1 Feb 2018, 03:26 by Miranda Frost   [ updated 1 Feb 2018, 03:27 ]

This years NW24 Annual Conference will take place on Wednesday 11th April, from 8.30am to 12.30pm at The Bristol Pavilion, Gloucestershire Cricket Ground, Nevil Road, BS7.

This year we are inviting all NW24 member schools to focus on local and collaborative solutions to the challenges we face in meeting the needs of our most vulnerable learners. How we can improve outcomes for these children?  Our aim is to identify the barriers, discover ways we might overcome these and then to seek collaborative solutions.

We are inviting speakers from different walks of our community to inform from different perspectives - and so we invite all Heads, Deputies, Business Managers and Governors to attend together to make this conference and its outcomes really valuable.

Please contact Miranda Frost for more information; miranda.frost@nw24.org

NW24 Inset Day 2018.

posted 1 Feb 2018, 03:18 by Miranda Frost   [ updated 1 Feb 2018, 03:29 ]

Another Inset Day, bigger and better than before, we welcomed nearly 600 delegates from 22 schools on the day, attending 38 CPD workshops, spanning; safeguarding, SEMBH, curriculum and education management topics.

Hosted for a 3rd year by Bristol Free School, NW24 want to thank their staff yet again for their unstinting support, both before and during the event. It takes a great deal more preparation and coordination than it looks from the outside, so my thanks go especially to Pete, Sarah, Mike, Enis and Chris for working with me to make the day as seamless as possible.

We also want to thank the amazing Teaching Staff from within our schools, who stepped in run workshops to share their wisdom and knowledge. It is wonderful they take time out of their busy schedules, especially during a busy Christmas Term, to create inspirational workshops for us to attend. Thank you all for participating and contributing to everyone's learning.

We always welcome feedback, no matter when; so if you are inspired by anyone this year, or want to discover more about a particular topic and you would like us to consider these for next years Inset Day, then please share your thoughts and ideas with me via email. miranda.frost@nw24.org

NW24 Annual Conference

posted 24 Apr 2017, 03:50 by Site Admin   [ updated 26 Apr 2017, 03:43 by Miranda Frost ]

A big thank you to all who participated in our Annual Conference to make it the most upbeat and proactive celebration of our year. We welcomed truly uplifting choral performances by 4 schools, followed by presentations of Pupil-Projects for 2017-18, delivered by School Councillors from our primary and secondary schools, and listened to inspiring presentations made by the South Wests very own Youth Mayors. We were joined by Claire Hiscott, Councillor and Cabinet Member for Education and Skills. Member schools across the partnership, signed up to lead and participate in many of the Pupil Projects volunteered by the School Councillors, whilst Headteachers, Business Managers, Deputies and Governors worked in cluster-groups to help shape NW24's focus and strategy for 2017-18. Watch this space for more news on all of this exciting activity...!



posted 23 Jan 2017, 06:06 by Miranda Frost   [ updated 7 Nov 2017, 09:35 ]

NW24 Inset Day 2017

posted 19 Jan 2017, 09:46 by Miranda Frost   [ updated 19 Jan 2017, 09:50 ]

Hosted at Bristol Free School, this event attracted over 500 delegates, from 20 schools, attending 23 different courses, (which accounted for 30 workshops) over the course of the morning and afternoon. Feedback from attendees on the workshops they attended was extremely positive and all ideas for new, additional and repeat workshops have been captured in anticipation of 2018. NW24 would especially like to congratulate and thank those Teachers who led workshops and inspired their peers - we appreciate the time, energy and enterprise this takes, so thank you all and we encourage others to embrace this opportunity next year.  We would also like to thank the Site, IT and Catering teams at BFS for supporting NW24 for the second year running, and hosting so many whilst managing additional training for their own staff. And finally, we hope to report later this year, on what has been achieved as a result of this Inset Day and the "learning" achieved: what difference has it made, or is this making, to your pupils in your school? Watch this space for the headlines!.

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