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The NW24 Partnership members have access to:

  • A programme of meetings for Headteachers, Governors and School Business Managers

  • A series of Subject Leader networks that meet termly

  • A comprehensive website, which includes a library of resources, shared records of network groups and membership directory

  • A joint Inset Day in January, wherein all staff within member schools can participate, share, learn and network

  • An annual conference in April

  • A year-round calendar of inter-school pupil competitions and events to extend the experience of all pupils within the partnership

NW24 Conference 2020 “Agents Of Change” An exciting NW24 conference was planned for 2020, and members were going to come together at The Clifton Pavilion. We were looking forward to our
Keynote, Marcelo Staricoff exploring his values-led philosophy of education and of school leadership with us, one that removes barriers and worries associated with not knowing or with finding things difficult, by creating a learning to learn culture and ethos in schools where everyone perceives that anything and everything is possible.The NW24 Agents of Change, a group of children and young people from across eight of our schools, were looking forward to opening the conference and to sharing how we can develop ideas that can change our environment, health and well-being for the better. Sadly our live-event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 emergency, however we plan to deliver this via an online version with 2020-21.

Growing Network Groups and peer support through 2020

This year NW24 has continued to develop its community of Subject Lead Networks introducing 3 new: PSHE, Art and Sport/PE. Each network has an individual group-email address to facilitate easy peer-to-peer contact and communication and several networks meet face-to-face through the academic year. This year our Maths and Senco networks have been particularly active, meeting once each term, whilst for the first time, Art, EYFS and PSHE networks each met once. Feedback from those groups who do meet, is consistently positive and each one was planning future meetings before the cessation of normal school activities in March 2020. Once school operations do normalise again, we hope that school leadership will continue to promote opportunities for their leads to attend network meetings, either to lead and/or participate in, since peer to peer support across the partnership will be even more valuable than ever.

Pupil Projects 2020

At the outset of this year we created an ambitious programme of pupil projects, building on the successes of the previous 2 years, whilst introducing new events including an inter-school Music event, STEM Challenge and Online Safety Project. It was a great disappointment that many competitions and events had to be cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 emergency, especially considering the amazing amount of preparatory work that had been undertaken in launching the STEM challenge, the Sports-extravaganza day, in scoping and researching our new one-day inter-school Music event, in designing our new Online Safety Challenge and of course, in preparing us all for our all-new “alfresco” cooking experience and “flat-bread” baking challenge. We hope we can capitalise on all this hard work within our new 2020-21 programme. However, we were able to successfully run 4 events, these being the Spelling Bee, Maths Challenge, and both the Art and Story Writing Competitions, these latter 2 during Term 5 lock-down phase.


Establishing the NW24 Partnership as a hub, which provides support to and a voice for all its stakeholders.