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Heads have continued to engage in collaborative reviews - half days when they come together in groups of three or four to study an area of school improvement identified by the host school. Business managers have also begun to convene similar small collaborative groups. These meetings are always very productive, Heads value the conversations with colleagues, and in particular the confidential nature of those conversations. We encourage all Heads to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from each other in this non-threatening but professionally challenging forum.

The strength of the partnership has also shown this year in 2 areas where school business managers have been able to jointly procure external Catering and Data Protection Officer services.  The benefit of having other schools to brainstorm, research, plan with and manage contractors with has been fantastic; supportive and time efficient. We look forward next year to working on other potential collaborative procurement ventures. 

This year NW24 tasked itself with developing a Common Transition Protocol to assist children in making smoother moves between schools. Transition between schools is essential for all children but was recognised as potentially being a more significant issue for children with SEND. It was also recognised that there was no common transition protocol between NW24 schools. The draft protocol is near completion and will, therefore, be ready to pilot within the academic year of 2018-2019. Although its impact may not be measurable until the following academic year, this project has facilitated unique discussion between SENCo's, Business Managers and Headteachers within primary, infant, junior, special and secondary schools and helped to qualify expectations, communications, and procedures around transition.

Improving the stability and security of school systems so they can deliver the most efficient provision for children.