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Heads and Business Managers have continued to engage in collaborative reviews - half days when they come together in groups of three or four to study an area of school improvement identified by the host school. These meetings are always very productive, Heads value the conversations with colleagues, and in particular the confidential nature of those conversations. We encourage all Heads and Business Managers to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from each other in this non-threatening but professionally challenging forum.

8 schools have been working on the Gap Project since the end of 2018. Following audits by consultants from Inclusion Expert, themes were identified to improve provision and outcomes for our most vulnerable pupils. Schools have embarked on several collaborative projects as well as their own individual action plans. Themes have included:
● Going the extra mile to notice the vulnerable children
● Training for teaching and learning support staff on appropriate teaching strategies
● Streamlining the Pupil Premium Strategy Report to make it an effective tool for demonstrating impact
● Engaging vulnerable students in meaningful contributions and participation in school events
Each of the eight schools identified two students to participate in the Agents of Change initiative. These children attended a workshop together where they exchanged ideas for positive actions to improve our world. These were developed collaboratively in their own schools and formed the basis of an ongoing commitment to encourage pupils, staff and families to make changes that would benefit the environment.

In 2018 NW24 tasked itself with developing a Common Transition Protocol to assist children in making smoother moves between schools. Transition between schools is essential for all children but was recognised as potentially being a more significant issue for children with SEND. It was also recognised that there was no common transition protocol between NW24 schools. Our Common Transition Protocol launched successfully at the start of 2019. This year we reviewed how it could be improved, so created a task force to secure feedback from all member schools, then launched an updated 2nd Edition at the start of 2020. This project has facilitated unique discussion between SENCo's, Business Managers and Headteachers within primary, infant, junior, special and secondary schools and helped to qualify expectations, communications, and procedures around transition, enabling smoother and more consistent transition for all children, from within NW24 to whichever school nationwide, they chose to go.

Improving the stability and security of school systems so they can deliver the most efficient provision for children.