Structure & Methodology

The members of the Partnership commit to working together in the following ways:
  • Sharing school development priorities
  • Using expertise within the Partnership to support development needs
  • Committing at least three days per year to support the work of the Partnership
  • Attending Heads, Governors and SBM Partnership Meetings.
  • Coordinating continuing professional development provision
  • Moderating standards of pupil achievement
  • Sharing leadership to support schools in need
  • Engaging in honest discussion and sharing of information to support sustained improvement
  • Rigorously evaluating the impact of the Partnership and continuing to develop the structure in order to secure further improvement
  • Collaborating on the recruitment and retention of staff
  • Exploring avenues to achieve greater economic efficiency in order to maximise resources available to support improved outcomes for children.
The members of the Partnership are initially drawn from the geographical area of Bristol known historically as “North 3”, comprising Primary, Secondary and Special schools in the state sector. All eligible schools are invited to renew their commitment to the Partnership annually and to pay a subscription to fund the administration and infrastructure of the Partnership.

The criteria for membership will be reviewed annually, along with the Memorandum of Understanding.

Management, Governance and Accountability
The operation of the Partnership is overseen by the Steering Group, supported by the Partnership Development Manager.
The Steering Group comprises:
  • 3 Headteacher reps
  • 3 Chairs of Governors
  • 3 School Business Managers
Representatives serve for a maximum of two years on the Steering Group, and no school may have more than one representative on the group.

The Steering Group meets at least 3 times per year to set objectives, monitor progress and evaluate impact. The Steering Group sets the Partnership budget, allocates resources and maintains a strategic overview of the needs of the Partnership schools. The Steering Group manages communications on behalf of the Partnership, and commissions project teams to deliver improvement objectives.

The Partnership Development Manager conducts the day to day administrative business under the direction of the Steering Group. This involves strategic planning, communications and budget management, organisation of meetings and maintaining records of the Partnership’s work.

The Heads’ Group comprises the Headteachers of all member schools. They meet 6 times per year. They define the educational agenda for the Partnership, share good practice, and disseminate information.

The School Business Manager Group comprises the SBMs of all member schools. They meet 6 times per year. They support delivery of the agenda set by the Heads by collaborating to share good practice and achieve efficient infrastructure and business models. 

The Governors’ Group comprises the Chairs of Governors of all member schools. They meet at least 3 times a year to share good practice and support each other in raising standards of school governance. They support the Partnership by scrutinising the Partnership projects and evaluating the impact on the Action Plan.